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There was drama today in Tesco car park when a one year old was accidentally locked in a Volkswagen motor car.
Hero Batman Zavi to be on Good Morning Britain!


Television crews were at Tesco Store this afternoon filming a re-construction of the moment leading up to and including the rescue of 1 year old Iris by 5 year old Zavi ‘Batman’ Ahmed.

It will be featured on Good Morning Britain tomorrow morning at 8:10am.





One-year-old Iris was out shopping with her grandmother, Caroline Penny from Framfield.  When they returned to the car Iris was placed into her baby seat and Caroline went around the other side of the car when for some reason all the car doors became locked solid.

After desperate failed attempts to get into the car,Sergeant Alex Tombling of the Uckfield police Neighbourhood Response Team, Sussex Police attended and after several failed attempts using wire, the back side window had to be broken in.

The doors still would not open and it was decided to recruit a local 5 year old,  Zavi Ahmed who was passing (and happened to be dressed as Batman) to climb into the car through the broken side window and open the door.  And like a true super hero he did! Zavi was accompanied by his younger brother who was also dressed as Superman!

There does not appear to have been any reason for the car becoming locked but pure accident, and an incident which a garage will have to investigate.  The incident lasted just over an hour and Iris was not harmed or distressed at all and instead came out smiling at Batman!

Grandmother Caroline Penny thanked all the people and police for their help.

IMAG5208 IMAG5209





One-year-old Iris reunited with her very relieved grandmother Caroline Penny. Centre: A shy Zavi ‘Batman’ Ahmed aged 5 with his mother and brother Super Hero!

Images (c) Uckfield FM

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